Saturday, November 16, 2013



African Automotive design is alive and well in Western Africa. Ghana to be precise. This is an intriguing concept vehicle that found life in the middle of a project and a local community.  Here is a brief detail on how it all came about.  

" Visual artist Melle Smets, researcher Joost van Onna traveled  to Kumasi in February 2013 to build a African concept car, in collaboration with the local community.

 They Set up Shop and created a unique automobile in three months. Philosopher Bram Esser joined the team and worked as an apprentice in local workshops to learn from the life in Suame Magazine. Filmmaker & Photographer Teun Vonk documented the building process of the concept car. The development of an African concept car is the connecting theme guiding the viewer through the international flow of waste processing as well as the local automotive cottage industries."

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