Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The African Bull Dog ( KENYA )

Sustainable by all means.

Mombasa (Kenya) is the location where this unique prototype was conceived. Details are outlined from their Facebook page.


30th January 2011

The vehicle

The african bull dog is a Kenyan Built Off Road 4X4 Vehicle and MPV; This car is built for every day use, it can be used in farms as a produce cart, or even as an ambulance at Marsabit desert to provide emergency care to the forgotten communities and as a truck to ferry drugs to those remote places that you have never heard of!; With ample backing, the African Bulldog can do for Kenya what the Citroen 2CV did for France and the V.W Beetle for Germany!

Company Overview

Heino Autoworx is a Leading 4x4 vehicle workshop based in Mombasa at the Mtwapa Creek, Kenya. We have been involved in the maintenance of 4x4 vehicles and S.U.Vs for years and we decided to push the boundaries.


The African Bull Dog is the brain child of Engineer Heino, he has a vast experience in the automotive and boat industry. The crew has been working tirelessly to ensure that we meet our target and we build a vehicle that meets the standards of the 4X4s we work on on a daily basis.


4X4 Extreme Efficient Performance!



This is an African Phenomenon for 2011. Below are the stats straight from the makers mouth describing this awesome beast.

"Bailey Cars took the Bold and Brave step of building a current day Prototype car in 2009. Its taken 2 years of intense design and manufacture to produce this master piece of south African engineering.

The car has had many firsts for South Africa such as full carbon Tub, full CFD body design and building a car to the A.C.O Le Mans 24 hours regulations

The car is available to customers who would like to compete in sports car racing throughout the world in events such as ALMS, Le Mans series, Asian Le Mans Series and even the South African Le Mans Series and RSA GT challenge.


· Carbon composite monocoque chassis

· Monocoque certified to all ACO and FIA structural and crash standards

· Adjustable pedal box and steering column

· Safety equipment includes 6-point lightweight seat belt harness

· Plumbed in fire extinguisher system


· 460hp maximum as regulated by ACO
· The engine must be made in a minimum of 1000 units in 12 consecutive months and must come, either from a grand touring car, Or from a large production car.
· Choice of homologated BMW, Lexus, Toyota or Nissan 5000 cm3 8 cylinders maximum. maximum
· Or 3200 cm3 forced induction engine with max 6 cylinders
· Diesel not allowed in LMP


· Double wishbone layout all round

· Pushrod rocker type with damper and coil over spring all round

· Third-spring option for front and rear suspension

· Frictionless bearing seals all round

· Same upright all round

· Angular-contact wheel bearings all round

· Chromoly steel-fabricated TIG-welded wishbones

· Quick adjustable ride height, camber, and toe

· electrically power assisted rack-and-pinion

Fuel System

· 90-litre bladder type fuel cell

· Dual Low-pressure fuel lifts pump plus dual high-pressure pumps


· Ricardo sequential-shift gearbox

· Six forward speeds plus reverse with torque input capacity in excess of 500 Nm

· Adjustable gear ratios

· Paddle shift as standard

· Gear oil cooling system


· All body panels of lightweight infused epoxy glass composite construction

Brake System

· AP Racing six-piston aluminum calipers all round

· 380 mm diameter ventilated discs front and rear

· Full carbon brake set up as option

Wheels and Tyres

· Wheel dimensions 11”wide x 18” diameter front

· 13” wide x 18” diameter rear

· 3 piece wheels

· Centre lock and anti loosen to FIA standards

Cooling System

· 1 water radiators

· 8-litre dry sump oil tank

· Twin engine all cooler

· Twin Electric oil scavenge pump

· 1 intercooler

· Driver air-conditioning system

Electrical System

· Military-spec chassis wiring loom

· FIA-regulation emergency power cut-off switch

· External start jump plug

· Digital dash display and with full data logging

· Xenon headlamps


· Minimum weight as specified by ACO 900kg excluding driver and fuel

Bailey - Beautifully Engineered Cars


Monday, November 28, 2011

The KIIRA EV Unveiliing (UGANDA)

The official unveiling of Uganda's first electric car was marked by the President of Uganda, HE Yoweri K Museveni taking a drive in the lime green, 2 seat ,right hand drive vehicle. The Kiira EV as is its name is a proof of concept that showcases the brave new direction the development team wants to explore in the further. The team is to develop a production concept 30 seat commuter bus by 2013.

More information about the development in detail on the following link


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Following is an exert from an online news journal that covered the public test drive of the KIIRA EV, Uganda's first electric car.

MAKERERE University has successfully tested the first electric car to be made in Uganda. The two seated car is a project by the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology.............

The Kiira EV does not use fuel. The front-wheel drive has 18 horse-power and can reach top speeds of 60km per hour.



Sunday, September 11, 2011


The KIIRA EV is Uganda's solution to sustainable transportation for Africa's urban cities. KIIRA EV is a concept car that is 100% electric; It seats 2 people, is styled compact and designed to meet needs of Africa's expanding urban environment. An 18 horse power motor drives the KIIRA EV to a top speed of 60mph. The KIIRA EV was designed by Makerere University at the College of Engineering and Technology's Centre For Research in Transportation Technologies (CRTT). The Vehicle Design Project (VDP) is part of the CRTT that sets the stage for this ambitious venture which will lead to more advanced concepts in transportation technologies. The KIIRA EV is the concept car that ushers in the era of green energy technology to power vehicles for the African continent.

More details will be released in the coming weeks.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rock Auto (Nigeria)

Rock Auto

Rock Auto(West Africa) Nigeria's answer to practical mobility. Rock Auto is the name of the vehicle and Mr Sunday Okpere is its creator.

Thirty five year-old Okpere has been fine tuning the "Rock Auto" persistently for the past four months to ensure its engine runs smoothly and the body looks curvy and flashy like any of the latest imported models on sale in Nigeria.
Okpere said his interest in building vehicles started when he was a child, making toy cars from discarded tins and wires for his friends at school.
Decades later, he decided to unveil his first moving vehicle.
The Rock Auto runs on a Peugeot engine. Okpere says he could not raise funds to build his own engine. The rest of the car is made up of discarded material and scrap metal collected from dumpsites.
Okpere says the Rock Auto is just the beginning.
"There are a lot of things in my brain, because what I am thinking of now is how to build a car for the masses, that will be cheaper for cheaper transport, that is the basic thing," he said.
The Rock auto may not be flashy but it attracts several admirers from his neighborhood of Yaba in the sprawling commercial city of Lagos.
It comes with a set of motorcycle headlights and side indicators, the dash board is bare except for a speedometer and fuel gauge. The 'sound system' is optional -- a transistor radio hung from the roof, and can be taken off and carried wherever one goes to avoid break ins.
It can comfortably carry four passengers.
Okpere declined to reveal how much money he had spent on his innovation and how much he would be willing to sell it for. It has a top speed of 100km/h



Mobius Motors (Kenya)

Mobius Motors

(East Africa) Kenya is home to a new automotive company called Mobius Motors. The answer to Africa's lack of transport for rural Africa. A unique venture that designs, manufactures and sells functional and affordable vehicles for the developing world.

This a great example of African automotive design at work on the continent. So far Mobius Motors has developed a working prototype namely Mobius One and is currently working on completing their second vehicle Mobius Two. Do watch this space for they are on a mission to take the made in Africa badge to the next level; Full Production.

Find out more about the founder and the company at large on their website.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tahaka Road show.

I am glad to communicate the timely event staged by Samora Ramusa and the entire Tahaka crew, which took place in South Africa began on the 16th of june 2011.
A showcase of craftsmanship,innovation and design was the name of the game. A roadshow that brought African Automotive design to the forefront, inspiring the youth of Africa. The the unique low profile sports car is the vision of Samora Ramusa a young African visionary of our time. More will be updated on his developments and the Tahaka design group.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tahaka (South Africa)

Tahaka is a young and new emerging auto design and production company which will soon pave way to Africas auto industry. The founder of this unique design movement is Samora Ramusa. He points out by saying "We are currently focusing our energy on supercar production while developing an institution that is non-existent in Africa, which is called auto-design. Due to material, machinery and financial limitations, Tahaka will focus on craft production until adequate development. For now our prime focus is on generating public awareness, generating funds and developing ourselves, to the like of the world of the supercar producers". Through this process we will develop the youth of Africa and create an environment that will shelter their ideas and let them expand their thinking abilities. Tahaka will have a road show showcasing their innovations with the following objectives.

• To highlight the foresight of the youth
• To trigger the young creative minds
• To showcase our hard work and intellectual property
• Empowering the youth with positive examples and innovative products
• To mobilize and unite the youth and community(community gardening, library and design centre)
• Exposure for Tahaka as a brand and movement
• Boost our people’s Self-esteem
• An opportunity to get support from our own home base
• why we are keeping the road show as a local event

 We greatly appreciate the opportunity to be exposed on a national level
we are more than willing to share Tahakas objectives, aims and goals.
why we will not make the car as a subject matter of the interview

 We rather generalise on our side projects than focus on our current project as many Ideas which Tahaka would like to share with the nation

 youth development via design centre
 Auto design institution in the making
 Revival of the robot contest
 Agriculture programme
 Sketch design book compilation
 Tahaka as a movement (uplift and develop the community through technology)
 Creating a global platform where young African youths can exchange ,assist and develop concept design from all spheres of discipline e.g social networks(facebook AADA)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

xO sportscars. South Africa

I am glad to introduce the company and products of one of our AADA members, namely Mr Abdul Gakiem Fakier.

The companies name is xO sportscars.
The offices are located in South Africa.

Imagine driving to the race track on the perfect day in a low slung sports car and the engine roaring as you start your journey. As you get to the race track you either race straight away or you do some quick adjustments. The flags drop, lights green, and the engine screams as you launch full thrust! Acceleration and handling come together as though they are one.

We manufacture a range of products and custom fabrications to suite our clients needs.
Current production models are the xO500 and xO400.

Model specifications.


Weight: 500kg+
Engine: VW or Audi engines
Gearbox: 5/6 Speed Manual
Front Brakes: 2 Pot
Rear Brakes: 1 Pot
Suspension: Rosejointed Double Wishbones
Body armour: GRP Panels


Weight: 400kg+
Engine: Busa and other engines
Gearbox: 5/6 Speed Sequential
Front Brakes: 2 Pot
Rear Brakes: 1 Pot
Suspension: Rosejointed Double Wishbones
Body armour: GRP Panels

A wonderful job indeed.