Monday, December 12, 2022



A 4x4 EV built and designed by Bandt-Brv inspired by Thula solutions 

Off-road dominance is built into every element of the Thula Electric Safari Vehicle. From the re-engineered suspension to the powerful 160kW drivetrain and low centre of gravity. This combination of reliable power and comfort means you can go anywhere and be enjoy the ride getting there.

The only running costs are the electricity to charge either grid-based or solar, and the vehicle can be fully charged within 4 hours, giving you 200km of range

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(SOUTH AFRICA) Brandt - BRV (S89 M3)

 Welcome to South Africa's fully designed and built 4x4, made for South Africa. Their product is a rugged capable internal combustion pickup called the BRV S89 M3.  The company has its base in Bloemfontein South Africa.

details courtesy of  Brandt BRV