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Tahaka Road show.

I am glad to communicate the timely event staged by Samora Ramusa and the entire Tahaka crew, which took place in South Africa began on the 16th of june 2011.
A showcase of craftsmanship,innovation and design was the name of the game. A roadshow that brought African Automotive design to the forefront, inspiring the youth of Africa. The the unique low profile sports car is the vision of Samora Ramusa a young African visionary of our time. More will be updated on his developments and the Tahaka design group.

Tahaka (South Africa)

Tahaka is a young and new emerging auto design and production company which will soon pave way to Africas auto industry. The founder of this unique design movement is Samora Ramusa. He points out by saying "We are currently focusing our energy on supercar production while developing an institution that is non-existent in Africa, which is called auto-design. Due to material, machinery and financial limitations, Tahaka will focus on craft production until adequate development. For now our prime focus is on generating public awareness, generating funds and developing ourselves, to the like of the world of the supercar producers". Through this process we will develop the youth of Africa and create an environment that will shelter their ideas and let them expand their thinking abilities. Tahaka will have a road show showcasing their innovations with the following objectives.

• To highlight the foresight of the youth
• To trigger the young creative minds
• To showcase our hard wo…