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(NIGERIA) The IVIXI car project

The IVIXI car project (The Africa Ideal Vehicle)

 Defined by the creator of the concept vehicle, Adedapo Paul Akintunde. 
The whole purpose of the ivixi car is for us to grow the tech that will serve us. The project as you know, will influence all the other creative 2d/3d disciplines. As you know, the ivixi car has certain quirks about it that stem from here, but like Yoruba and broken in afrobeat music, will later be imbibed and mimicked by a global audience, as the 'quirks' they are, and will add spice to a prosaic existence. Which was what I was hitting at when I was expressing that this design isn't a Ferrari!

The ivixi car project is already being embraced by our local audience, which was the whole purpose: also like afrobeat, we don't really give a hoot whether any oyinbo or Indian or another foreigner sees it or not. It is sophisticated enough in terms of line and surface to be 21st century automotive design, but also local enough in it's function…
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