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xO sportscars. South Africa

I am glad to introduce the company and products of one of our AADA members, namely Mr Abdul Gakiem Fakier.

The companies name is xO sportscars.
The offices are located in South Africa.

Imagine driving to the race track on the perfect day in a low slung sports car and the engine roaring as you start your journey. As you get to the race track you either race straight away or you do some quick adjustments. The flags drop, lights green, and the engine screams as you launch full thrust! Acceleration and handling come together as though they are one.

We manufacture a range of products and custom fabrications to suite our clients needs.
Current production models are the xO500 and xO400.

Model specifications.


Weight: 500kg+
Engine: VW or Audi engines
Gearbox: 5/6 Speed Manual
Front Brakes: 2 Pot
Rear Brakes: 1 Pot