Monday, March 5, 2018

(Kenya) Mobius 2

On their second vehicle Mobius Motors flys their flag high with a stylish evolution for their production vehicle they call Mobius 2. A product yet to be showcased to the press, has been defined brilliant renders on their website. We like what we see.

Courtesy of Mobius Motors

(South Africa) Harper Sports car

Harper Sports car is an independent vehicle developer in South Africa. A South African designed and built mid engine sports car intended for use on the street and the race track. They can be supplied in fully built form locally or for export. Right or left hand drive versions can be ordered with a range of engine and specification options which are all meant for normal road use, as well as being competitive on the race track.

Surely built for speed delivering 400 hp

Courtesy of  Harper Sports Car

(Tunisia) Wallys Iris

Tunisian car manufacturer has unveiled their second designed vehicle model called the Iris. A product in the market ready to deliver across its neighbouring region.

Courtesy of 

(Germany) aCar

EVUM Motors GmbH is a company developed for the industrialization of a research project from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The project called aCar Mobility was funded by the Bavarian Research  Foundation (BFS) to develop a sustainable electric vehicle for the African rural community.

The production prototype was unveiled at the IAA International Frankfurt Motors Show in 2017. The team responsible received 3 awards for their innovative product.

Images Courtesy of  EVUM Motors and Technical University of Munich (TUM)

Sunday, March 4, 2018


ASLAN is Morocco's first electric vehicle showcased by the National Transport and Logistic Company (SNTL) at the (Climate Change Summit) in Marrakesh Nov 8th 2016. Celebrating the continent with a 100% EV Pickup truck.

The ASLAN prototype, designed by the Engina development group of Morocco, created a product for the African market that does not have an existing electric vehicle charging infrastructure. They made sure it could be easily recharged in less than 7 hours using a 220V power outlet, usually found in a urban dwelling or town council.

More detail can be found on the Open motors website.

Images Courtesy of  Open motors

Design and engineering company responsible for the vehicle design

Saturday, March 3, 2018

(UK) The OX

Imagine building your vehicle in 12 hour without qualified skilled labour, just a group of friends and you. Have a look at this.

2016 this vehicle was launched boldly redefining mobility for Africa

Africa's answer to mobility?, you be the judge.

Background and inspiration for the project

· The first vehicle to be designed specifically to provide all-terrain mobility
for the developing world

·  Revolutionary OX™ flat-pack truck aims to help communities to
undertake a range of crucial daily tasks

· Envisioned by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Torquil Norman;
designed by renowned automotive engineer Professor Gordon Murray

“Our sole objective at the GVT is to help people in the developing world. As part of an aid
programme, the OX could provide an essential element of infrastructure to enable the
local population to raise the community’s standard of living, and to assert its
independence by gaining control of its transportation needs and costs.

Courtesy of Global Vehicle Trust