Saturday, March 3, 2018

(UK) The OX

Imagine building your vehicle in 12 hour without qualified skilled labour, just a group of friends and you. Have a look at this.

2016 this vehicle was launched boldly redefining mobility for Africa

Africa's answer to mobility?, you be the judge.

Background and inspiration for the project

· The first vehicle to be designed specifically to provide all-terrain mobility
for the developing world

·  Revolutionary OX™ flat-pack truck aims to help communities to
undertake a range of crucial daily tasks

· Envisioned by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Torquil Norman;
designed by renowned automotive engineer Professor Gordon Murray

“Our sole objective at the GVT is to help people in the developing world. As part of an aid
programme, the OX could provide an essential element of infrastructure to enable the
local population to raise the community’s standard of living, and to assert its
independence by gaining control of its transportation needs and costs.

Courtesy of Global Vehicle Trust