Friday, November 14, 2014

(Uganda) Kiira ev SMACK

Automotive manufacture is a serious goal heating up in the East Africa region.  Uganda comes in with an answer to Africa's private mobility needs after an earlier achievement of a full electric vehicle namely the Kiira EV prototype.  This time they created a proof of concept for a production vehicle with a Hybrid powertrain to match called the Kiira EV Smack. 

"East Africa’s first hybrid electronic car has gone on display in Kenya ahead of its production in 2018.

The Ugandan-made Kiira EV smack will be launched in Nairobi later on Friday as the manufacturers seek potential investors willing to fund their dream.

Kiira Motors Corporation, the manufacturer of the vehicle, is looking for $300 million to enable them begin production.

The hybrid electronic vehicle was conceptualised and made in Uganda, and now is seeking for potential investors across the East African region.

Chief Operations Officer of  Kiira motors, Albert Akovuku says: “The amount of investment that is required 350m USD.”

A first for East Africa, the Uganda government has already committed $70 million as seed funding.

Akovuku says : “ By 2018, we should have the first car out of the production line for the east African market.”
The moment the engine is off the battery takes over and gives you extra mileage
However,  in a region that does not generate enough electricity the car has been termed by many in Uganda as a prestige project, one likely to become a white elephant.

Not so says Akovuko who is driving the dream of having East Africa’s first hybrid electric car.

“The engine in there is a generator, when you are the on the road and the electric mode is off the generator automatically charges the batteries to give it traction, the moment the engine is off the battery takes over and gives you extra mileage.”

Hybrid electronic cars combine the benefits of gasoline and electric motor engines with the aim of attaining fuel economy, speed and engine efficiency.

The Kiira is no different says the manufacturer, who hopes to sell it at $20,000 per car.

What started as a university project, is now a Ugandan government project. The Ugandan government says it is stopping at nothing until Kiira EV smack in on the road in East Africa and soon across the continent."

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