Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tahaka (South Africa)

Tahaka is a young and new emerging auto design and production company which will soon pave way to Africas auto industry. The founder of this unique design movement is Samora Ramusa. He points out by saying "We are currently focusing our energy on supercar production while developing an institution that is non-existent in Africa, which is called auto-design. Due to material, machinery and financial limitations, Tahaka will focus on craft production until adequate development. For now our prime focus is on generating public awareness, generating funds and developing ourselves, to the like of the world of the supercar producers". Through this process we will develop the youth of Africa and create an environment that will shelter their ideas and let them expand their thinking abilities. Tahaka will have a road show showcasing their innovations with the following objectives.

• To highlight the foresight of the youth
• To trigger the young creative minds
• To showcase our hard work and intellectual property
• Empowering the youth with positive examples and innovative products
• To mobilize and unite the youth and community(community gardening, library and design centre)
• Exposure for Tahaka as a brand and movement
• Boost our people’s Self-esteem
• An opportunity to get support from our own home base
• why we are keeping the road show as a local event

 We greatly appreciate the opportunity to be exposed on a national level
we are more than willing to share Tahakas objectives, aims and goals.
why we will not make the car as a subject matter of the interview

 We rather generalise on our side projects than focus on our current project as many Ideas which Tahaka would like to share with the nation

 youth development via design centre
 Auto design institution in the making
 Revival of the robot contest
 Agriculture programme
 Sketch design book compilation
 Tahaka as a movement (uplift and develop the community through technology)
 Creating a global platform where young African youths can exchange ,assist and develop concept design from all spheres of discipline e.g social networks(facebook AADA)


  1. Hola,

    I know that Cyril purchased a stake in such an initiative in the past. check it out.

    if you are interested in taking the conversation further, post back on this blog, i will return here to view your response.

    i can then give you my details.

    Sir Chix

  2. iknow many engineers that have permanent jobs but would love to assist you where possible

    contact me if you are in need of their assistance...they range from electrical engineers to mechanical and even indsutrial engineers.


  3. Nw ths is some great initiative and i have to admit u r guys with ths production u r gng places, especialy knowing itz designed by un experienced young SA Youth. Just wanna wish all the best the business to greater heightz.Nw ths is some great initiative and i have to admit u r guys with ths production u r gng places, especialy knowing itz designed by un experienced young SA Youth. Just wanna wish all the best the business to greater heightz.

  4. Yes you have a great design. I hope that someday that would be no longer a design, it will become a real car.

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  5. Thank you for the comments and the advice. I am one of the developers of Awe2, please contact me on 0715160315,, for assistance concerning the engineers..

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  9. This is a good initiative. We are also keen on seeing Africa transformed by automotive design.

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